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Hello my name is BUB Meadows. Wow where do I even start. The big smile, his candy drawer, or maybe his generousity. He never ever gave up on me or anyone that come in contact with him. He cared so much about his friends and family. I Knew him outside of being a teacher. It brings me to tears to look up at the top of this page and see his face next to the writing I done on the BRIDGE years ago. SIMPLY THE BEST. Mr. P BUDDY OL PAL I will miss you. And my little girl sayed thanks for the cookies you made her. She said your making cookies in heaven for all the people up there. See you later P.

Thomas Ridings 

My name is Thomas and Dennis is my uncle. I love him so much and I am so very sad that he is gone. i thank all of you for the support you ave givven my family and I. You are all blessings, and ave helped keep our spirits high. Thank you!

Ashley Wade 

Mr.P was always glad to see everyone,and he was a very happy person. although i didn't know him well I knew him well enough to tell he was very close to God I miss him dearly. He was a friend. I will never forget him. especially how sweet he was

Lisa Williamson 

Mr. P was a great friend to me and my family. My boys just adore him! We have many favorite memories of him and have had many long talks with him. He has told my boys all about his young days as a child. Since Mr. P. was the youngest of the boys in his family, he had imaginary friends to play with when his brothers went to school. Jake, my oldest son, can remember each name of the imaginary friends and every story about them (it totally cracked him up!). I can only remember "pooky girl". He would play baseball with them and had all kinds of adventures with these "friends". Mr. P. also told me about fishing in the duck pond and catching a snake. He took it over to Springbrook pool to "show it off" to everyone.

The stories and the laughs go on. We had many great meals with him at Shoneys and Cracker Barrel--because Mr. P's mom always made sure he ate his vegetables! My youngest son, Walt, is now 10. He met Mr. P. when he was 4. He loved Mr. P's bald head. He was so obsessed with his smooth head and all of the extra "dents" in it. Mr. P. said, "hey little pal, do you want to rub my head???....see feel all of those dents in my head". Walt just rubbed his head and grinned all over himself. My boys are 6 years apart and both love him dearly.

Mr. P is a true friend and was an angel here on earth. We love him so!


hello my name is Kayla Anderson i didnt no Denis that well but every time i saw him he put a smile on my face he was a really gr8 man even though i didnt no him that well he was a really good friend of my mom he was her teacher at one time he was also my uncle als teacher i truly believe that he was als best friend when he pasted i felted so sad becaus i new that it was hurting alot of people even though god wanted him in heaven i felted that people needed him here to turn there frown up side down sometimes we dont no why god makes his dissions the way he does but thats just what happens.
your pal,

Caleb Fregoe 

My memories of Mr. P were when he took me and Travis to Cracker Barrell and then to the football game @ maryville only for us to get arrested. Also he was the best teacher @ Alcoa High School He was my favorite.

Josh Stephens 


Mr. P, I'll never forget those times you came to our house when we were young, to play ball and horse around with us. You helped us enjoy life when we most needed it. Being with you was always a great experience because you always made us laugh and focus on the positive. We always went to ballgames together, and when my brother, Jeremy and I began playing ball, you always were there to support us in whatever we did. It was a great feeling to look up and see you coming our way. Your smile alone was enough to brighten our day. We would always go out and eat together, fish together and laugh together. Most importantly, you helped us enjoy every minute to the fullest.

My Dad always said you were like a brother to him and that seems only fitting as Jeremy and I always thought of you as a member of our family. We always loved the way you would pull pranks. As I grew older and began working with you at Alcoa High School, I continued to learn from you and observe the tremendous impact you had on everyone with whom you came in contact. We had many enjoyable experiences at school and of course Cracker Barrel. You certainly were a great mentor for me for which I will always be grateful. In my heart, you will be remembered as one of the greatest men that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

With Respect and Honor
Your Pal

Dyran Bledsoe 

Mr. P was one of a kind. He was always uplifting and took the time to talk to everyone. What I remember most about Mr. P is when he would stop by the house and talk on the back porch. When I was in high school he helped out with the alternative program. He made a difference in the lives of every kid that stepped into his room. His relationship with them went outside of the classroom. He was a constant in their lives while they were in high school and after they graduated. If you really want to know how great of a man Mr. P was, talk to Alex Blakenship who was a former student of Mr. P. I talked to Alex the day Mr. P passed away at Mr. P's house. I remember Alex saying that there will never be another person like him. I agree. He was one of a kind. Mr. P, we will miss you, but we will always remember you. You were a great role model for the community, staff, and students of Alcoa. It was a blessing to know Mr. P.

Rhonda Jones Clark 

Dennis, I really miss you! Wish you would come walking through my door and make me laugh.


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